Success-Oriented, Pragmatic: Adaptable, Excelling: Driven, Image-Conscious

Gifts: Adaptability, authenticity and acceptance of what is present; acceptance of the value of all.
In Search of: Validation, wants to feel valuable & worthwhile.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To be a success, move ahead, progress.
Gifts in Practice: Efficient, goal oriented, pragmatic, authentic, self assured, outstanding paragon, enjoy being who they are, dedicated, adaptable.
Often Seen as: Success-oriented, pragmatic, needing to be the best at what they do, aware of ‘how they are coming across’, go-getters, able to accomplish a lot, often seen as workaholics, look for evidence of their own success -bench markers, seen as self assured and confident, often tend to make their success look easy to others, ambitions, perhaps competitive, conscious of their image, “the show must go on” -ability to ’switch’ to the needs of the environment, reads the environment – takes on the appropriate mood, appearance, looking for a sense of value.
Wake-Up Call: Pushing for status, for attention.
Wrong Turn: Wants to DO something special – “I am valued for my doing”.
Compulsive Style: Chameleon-like adaptability, cut off from the heart, tend to be more competitive, driven to excel, more image conscious, status seeking.
Addiction: Deceit (thus, the tendency to project blame).
Fear: Being worthless, empty, no value, a failure.
Avoids: Failure.
Defense Mechanism: Project blame, denial of failure (renames), chameleon change roles, wants relationships and jobs to look successful.
Challenge: Knowing what is true for them: knowing their own heart’s desire, knowing own value, separate from the environment – leads to authenticity.
Examples: Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Elvis Presley, Michael Landon, Sting, Mel Gibson, Shirley MacLaine, Sharon Stone, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Burt Reynolds, Vannessa Williams, Christopher Reeve, Joey Smallwood, Sylvester Stallone, Gordon Campbell (BC), OJ SImpson, Sir. John A. MacDonald, ‘Tom Riddle’- in Harry Potter series, “Luke Skywalker”(Star Wars.) U.S.A., France.

Centre: Heart

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