The CIES welcomes ongoing dialogue and your contributions.  Do you have an Enneagram related paper you wish to share? Do you wish to write of an experience with the Enneagram in your work/life that might help others understand the application of the Enneagram more fully?  Perhaps you wish to respond to the papers that are presented here?  Please submit your responses, articles, papers for posting to

Download Articles Below

Harry Potter Upgraded Aug 08 :P.J.Whillans (233 kb) PDF
Canadian Historical Figures Aug 08 :P.J.Whillans (235 kb) PDF
More Than Just My Type :L. Rumpel (65 kb) PDF
Enneagram Practicals :L. Rumpel (25 kb) PDF
Atlanta IEA talk 2008 :P.J.Whillans (114 kb) PDF