Powerful, Dominating: Self confident, Decisive: Willful and Confrontational

Gifts: Strength, grounded-ness, magnanimous-ness, expansiveness.
In Search of: Self preservation, wants to protect self, or be in control of own life & not be violated.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To master life, direct own course, take charge.
Gifts in Practice: Grounded and warm, charismatic leader with physical and moral courage, powerful, decisive, steadfast and calm, expansive, magnanimous, generous and merciful, often desiring to protect self and those they love.
Often Seen as: The person in the crowd that you notice due to their large presence and their physical energy. They hold their body in a physical, strong, grounded manner: usually assertive with a tendency to challenge, they like an argument -will ‘bait’ for one: like to be met – both physically and mentally: like to be met with equal intensity, tends to test boundaries -”I’ll put it out until get something back”.
Wake-Up Call: Must push to make things happen.
Wrong Turn: To protect themselves, control life, prove strength.
Compulsive Style: Dominating; using more energy than is required, can be like a ‘bull in a china shop,’ willful, pushy & confrontational, trying to prove strength.
Addiction: Lust, living life intensely, grabbiness & possessiveness that comes from a feeling of deadness – so lust for life to feel alive and in control, “Lust is a distortion of respect, appreciation and enthusiasm.” (J. Wagner).
Fear: Of being harmed, controlled by others, fear of ‘weakness’.
Avoids: Weakness and being dependent.
Defense Mechanism: Denial.
Challenge: To see and be in the vulnerability & softness of the heart, as in #2, and with presence to reframe.
Examples: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, George Gurdjieff, Barbara Walters, Poonjaji, Charleton Heston, Mohammed Ali, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso, J.Stalin, Donald Trump, Saddam Hussein, Howard Hughes, Jim Jones, Fidel Castro, Ernest Hemmingway, Fritz Perls, ‘Lady Macbeth,’ Rene Levesque, John Diefenbaker, ‘Hagrid’- from Harry Potter series. Israel

Centre: Body

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