Busy, Fun-Loving: Spontaneous, Versatile: Acquisitive, Scattered

Gifts: Wisdom – from inner guidance, responsiveness, the spacious mind, gratitude.
In Search of: Experience; to be free, satisfied & have needs fulfilled.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To be free, have fun, enjoy life.
Gifts in Practice: Ecstatic appreciator, deeply abiding joy in the soul, free-spirited, spontaneous and resilient, productive and practical, wish to contribute, accomplished generalist, self confident, engaged, passionate.
Often Seen as: Highly energetic, ‘out there,’ busy, assertive, gregarious, fun-loving, active, enthusiastic, keen to do new things, have ‘new’ adventures, always ready for a challenge.
Wake-Up Call: Tendency to look elsewhere for something ‘better,’ (example: in activities, lifestyle, relationships).
Wrong Turn: To anticipate and plan.
Compulsive Style: Consuming, acquisitive, hyperactive extrovert, excessive over-doing, self-centered, intolerant, avoiding pain and dark moods, scattered.
Addiction: Gluttony (greedily consuming and acquiring ‘positive’ experiences, planning, overdoing).
Fear: Of being deprived of the ‘good,’ and trapped in pain, of not ‘getting’ fulfillment.
Avoids: Pain & suffering.
Defense Mechanism: Sublimation: rationalization.
Challenge: The pursuit of happiness is the barrier to happiness – develop a quality of awareness that is willing to stay with unmetabolized pain (leads to groundedness – which then allows ‘inner wisdom’ & gratitude to guide).
Examples: John F. Kennedy, Robin Williams, Federico Fellini, Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov, Bette Midler, Orson Welles, Lucille Ball, Jim Carey, Malcolm Forbes, Elton John, David Niven, Liberace, Noel Coward, W.A. Mozart, Timothy Leary, Franz Lizst, Charles Dickens, Chevy Chase, Mel Brooks, Tammy Faye Bakker, Joan Collins, John Belushi, Janis Joplin, Steven Speilberg, ‘The Twins’ – in Harry Potter series, “Scarlett O’Hara” (Gone With The Wind). Italy

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