Caring, Interpersonal: Generous, Demonstrative: People-Pleasing, Possessive

Gifts: Gentle kind-heartedness, humility, empathic, sees preciousness in life with a sense of freedom, lightness and unconditional love, naturally encouraging, able to pick up on others’ needs.
In Search of: Intimacy, want to be unconditionally loved.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To love one another; love is the meaning of life.
Gifts in Practice: Disinterested altruist, nurturing helper, caring person, place value on others, & identifies with the feeling state of others, unconditional love offered, demonstrative, generous.
Often Seen as: Interpersonal types: empathetic, full of feeling with and for others, sincere, warm-hearted, caring: in service to helping others, people pleasing: service is important to these people, generous, giving, helpful, wanting to be connected with others / wanting to be needed, often have physical problems, speech is often indirect, talk more about ‘feelings’.
Wake-Up Call: Have to move outwards to have people accept you.
Wrong Turn: Identify with the feeling states of others, to be loved.
Compulsive Style: Effusive friend, gives unwanted advice, gossips, possessive quality, talks about relationships, more confrontational, manipulates, people-pleasing (loss of seIf), shame about own needs.
Addiction: Pride (shame about making own needs known).
Fear: Of being unwanted, unworthy of being loved.
Avoids: Own needs.
Defense Mechanism: Repression.
Challenge: To care for self and own needs, & speak them out. to live directly from this (leads to self respect).
Examples: Mother Teresa, Bing Cosby, Barbara Bush, Bishop Desmond Tutu. Ann Landers, Robert Fulgham, Luciano Pavarotti, Stevie Wonder, Sammy Davis Jr., Barry Manilow, Pat Boone, AIan AIda, John Denver, Richard Thomas, Florence Nightingale, Dr. McCoy (Star Trek).

Centre: Heart

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