Committed, Security-Oriented: Engaging Responsible: Anxious, Suspicious

Gifts: Loyalty, courage, strength, and reactivity.
In Search of: Something they can trust, wants security, safety & support, looking for reliable things & people.
Sees Purpose of Life as: Generativity, caring & taking care of those coming up behind.
Gifts in Practice: Decisive and grounded, reliable, strong, loyal, engaging, dependable, responsible, alert, bonding, stewardship and co-operation, committed worker, humble and wanting to help the underdog.
Often Seen as: Security oriented type, a bundle of opposites, indecisive, loyal friend, the one who gathers friends together (example: guys in the basement/bar, women in lunches, teas): emphasis on being responsible and on ‘functioning’/doing, wants to know the plans (rules / guidelines), before can feel free to be spontaneous: vigilant, looking outside of self for possible changes, snags, dangers: tends to like to adhere to a teaching method/approach, will push against looking for authority that ‘knows,’ looking for something that s/he can trust, feels huge pressure within to commit, ‘no one is going to push me around/ get the better of me,’ have a friendly approachable quality – of ‘your friend the neighbour.’
Wake-Up Call: Depending on some ‘authority’ outside of self.
Wrong Turn: Turning away from own inner guidance to vigilance.
Compulsive Style: Dutiful worker, investing and dutiful, doubting my knowing, defensive and anxious, indecisive, anxious, tense, feeling pressure, panicky, irrational, suspicious.
Addiction: Fear.
Fear: Of being lost in panic, fear of being able to survive on own.
Avoids: Rebellion, or, for counter-phobic (CP6) 6: avoids feeling controlled by fear.
Defense Mechanism: Projection and sides set up, or (CP6) reckless acting out.
Challenge: Find inner knowing & the vastness of this, quiet mind – spacious mind (leads to confidence).
Examples: Moses, Peter the Rock, DoubtingThomas, George Bush(eIder), Richard Nixon, Robert F.Kennedy, Phil Donahue, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Goldie Hawn, David Letterman, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen, Sally Field, Bernadette Peters, Diane Keaton, Johnny Carson, Bruce Springsteen, Jessica Lange, Chris Evert, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Woody Allen, Eric Erikson, Malcolm X, Edgar Hoover, Oliver North, Jerry Falwell, W. L. MacKenzie King, Mike Tyson, John Hickley Jr., Adolph Hitler, “Archie Bunker,” “George Costanza” (Seinfeld), ‘Macbeth,’ Cartoon character: ‘Odi,” ‘Ron’ and ‘Draco Malfoy’ – in Harry Potter series. Germany, Japan.

Centre: Mind

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