Easygoing, Self-Effacing: Receptive, Reassuring: Agreeable, Complacent

Gifts: Awake peacefulness, accepting love, gentle and strong.
In Search of: Harmony, wants stability and continual peace of mind.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To “be”.
Gifts in Practice: Supportive, creative and imaginative, gentle and strong, self-possessed guide, receptive, and safe, re-assuring, able to see many perspectives, able to own and assert their own needs.
Often Seen as: Peacemakers, people who have the ability to see both perspectives, look for harmony: looking for inner peace, peace of mind: avoid conflicts: self effacing: tend to ‘disappear’ in a crowd to blend in: don’t tend to put themselves forward: easy going, sweet, soft, gentle: likes to observe and to think: often experience themselves either vibrantly in their bodies OR emotionally and mentally involved: often like to communicate non-verbally, via music or math, or art.
Wake-Up Call: No opinion, accommodate always.
Wrong Turn: Look for inner stability by being out-of the world and to create exterior peace & harmony.
Compulsive Style: Vague promises that they don’t keep, agreeable, complacent, self-neglectful, zones out/checks out, creating a false sense of peace, not OK to assert my own will, stubborn.
Addiction: Indolence/ laziness, “forgetting” self.
Fear: Loss & separation; loss of connection.
Avoids: Conflict.
Defense Mechanism: Narcoticization/ numb out, “It’s nothing to die: it’s frightening not to live“. – Victor Hugo.
Challenge: To feel/ be in one’s own life, instead of visualizing the ideal world, to know their presence matters, practice ‘presence’, be self-aware (will find own vitality).
Examples: Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Princess Grace, Sophia Loren, Ronald Reagan, G.W. Bush, Ramana Maharshi, Walt Disney, BIng Crosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Norman Rockwell, Ringo Starr, Kevin Costner, “Marge Simpson.” Cartoon character: Garfield’s Owner, -Jon., Carl Rogers, Lester B. Pearson, ‘Dumbledore’ and ‘Harry’ – from Harry Potter series. Canada

Centre: Body

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