Rational, ldealistic: Principled, Purposeful: SeIf-Controlled, Perfectionistic

Gifts: Perfection of the moment, using self in service to what is needed, impartiality and truthful, honest, just, consistent and self disciplined.
In Search of: Wanting the world to be a better place.
Sees Purpose of Life as: To leave the world a better place.
Gifts in Practice: Have a mission, wise realist, reasonable, rational, principled, gravitates toward what is good & eternal – accepting, uplifting, humane, wise, purposeful -ability to delay gratification & not concerned with own personal inconvenience, they teach by example able to see humour in situations, unselfconsciously generous.
Often Seen as: People with a mission, highly productive, thorough – and accurate, attention to details & order: idealistic thinkers who plan and carry through their plans: attention to time, exude personal authority and ability to self-sustain with strong moral principles.
Wake-Up Call: Sense of personal obligation to fix everything themselves.
Wrong Turn: To find cause & root it out, to be ‘good’ & have integrity in everything.
Compulsive Style: Self-controlled, perfectionistic in idealism, to ‘earn’ ‘goodness’, bull-dozers, know-it-alls, imposing, judgmental, critical, blaming, rigid robots.
Addiction: Anger & resentment.
Fear: Of being corrupt, evil, being defective.
Avoids: Their anger.
Defense Mechanism: Reaction formation (doing opposite of what feel compelled to do), “musturbation”, moral indignation.
Challenge: To stay in touch with the unconscious process & allow spontaneity (as in #7), to see and allow sensation and emotion (will lead to patience).
Examples: Mahatma Gandhi, Harrison Ford, John Bradshaw, Margaret Thatcher, George Harrison, Katherine Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Martha Stewart, Noam Chomsky, Joan Baez, Bill Moyers, Ralph Nader, Vanessa Redgrave, “Mr. Spock” {Star Trek), -the R.C. Inquisition, Sir W. Laurier, Louis Riel, Joe Clark, Jean Chretien, England.

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