Our vision is to be an organization that supports the needs of the community and that provides opportunities to learn in an ever-expanding manner, in a compassionate and conscious way.

We offer a wide variety of presentations, consultations, workshops, and retreats.

Our Mission

Using the map of the Enneagram the CIES provides ‘on-the-learning-edge’ information, and opportunities for direct learning, discussion and exploration. The CIES end goal is the enhancement of respectful and compassionate inter- and intra-relationships through the direct understanding of our essential nature, our habits and our personality addictions.

Our mission is to encourage people to realistically appreciate themselves and others in such a way that each one of us continues our own development and consciously takes our place in this world as the vibrant, alive and respectful beings that we are.

The CIES staff is trained and available for individual and group consultations, conference presentations, professional development and continuing education. The CIES holds strongly to the view that we are integrative and whole beings just as we are. The CIES therefore encourages the safe and direct experience of our integrative nature and of the perfection of who we are. The CIES also provides spiritually based workshops and information sessions.


The CIES’ Administrative Centre supports Enneagram learning, teaching, facilitating and research.

07 March 2012:
CIES is proud to announce the formation of CIES Media as part of the Canadian Institute for Enneagram Studies.  Its role will be to develop, support and distribute CIES Enneagram materials and information through currently available media formats, technologies and access methods.

We are looking forward to providing availability through popular social media, classic hard-copy print, and downloadable formats.

Please bear with us as we update our website and Facebook Page to include access to CIES Media.

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Founder and Director of CIES, Dr. Penny Whillans Ed.D., R. Psych. (B C 1024) is a fully certified International Enneagram Teacher, trained and certified through Riso and Hudson’s New York Enneagram Institute.

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