“You will leave these workshops with new practical understanding that you can readily apply to your life and work.”

Upcoming Events – 2016/2017:

(Updated: 20 February 2017)

Location-all events: 574 Toronto Street (entrance on Powell Street), Victoria, BC V8V 1P3
For additional information, please email: info@canadianenneagram.ca

Enneagram Workshops

Enneagram Workshops are designed to go further into learning and understanding our own individual interaction and the interactions with others.  Using the Enneagram as a tool to expose, experience and enhance our perspective in the profound dynamics of our personalities, these on-the-edge workshops are focused to take the knowledge gained and experienced through the Enneagram and apply it to our personal and work lives.

Cost: $230.00 for 2-day workshop;  $400 for 4-day workshop.
Cash, Paypal or cheque to the CIES is accepted.
Register: Please register 2 weeks in advance. Meeting space is limited.

2016 Workshops
January 16 – 17 The Enneagram: Our Spiritual Being and Gifts
February 19 – 22 Experiencing Each Type Within Ourselves  (Advanced – 4 days)
March 5 – 6 To Be Announced
April 2 – 3 Working With Our Inner Critic  (Advanced)
May 14 – 15 To Be Announced
September 9 – 10 Introduction to the Enneagram – Our World Views
October 1 – 2 Exploring our Centres of Intelligence
November 5 – 6 To Be Announced
December 3 – 4 What We Say and What We Mean! An Introduction to the Enneagram

2017 Workshops
February 4 – 5 The Enneagram Personalities and How We Cope
April  22 – 23 Experiencing Each Type Within Ourselves
July To Be Announced

CIES Enneagram Training

Introduction to the Enneagram for Coaches -
A special dynamic and interactive course designed for coaches who desire to apply the Enneagram in their professional practice.  No prior knowledge of the Enneagram is needed.

Date:  June 10 – 14, 2016  (5 days)
Cost: $1,067.00.  50% payment required by May 13, 2016.
Paypal or cheque to the CIES is accepted.

Training Intensive: Training the Enneagram Facilitator/Teacher -
For advanced and qualified students of the Enneagram.  For those who are interested in teaching or facilitating, the CIES is offering intensive training focused on enhancing the skills  used in teaching and facilitating the Enneagram. This is the “how to” of teaching the Enneagram.

Date:  June 9 – 16, 2017  (8 days)
Cost: $1,495.00.  50% payment required by May 12, 2017.
Paypal or cheque to the CIES is accepted.